Sikko Valk MSc.

Dutch designer.
Founder of design studio & label SIGU®.

On a quest to help make the world more genuine, and good,
by encouraging people to stop | see | feel | realize | value | share and hopefully being inspired,
through timeless, impactful design that connects and bonds on a deep & intrinsic level.

He designs according to a particular set of carefully constructed principles and values: his design-manifesto, a design-cookbook if you will.

Combined with his signature style, regardless of the subject, he focuses on high-quality, powerful designs that are:

STORY driven,
PURE in form,
CLEAR in essence,
LAYERED in meaning,
ICONIC in presence,
do GOOD!

Timeless “heirlooms“ that are never thrown away and grow in value.

Next to his personally inspired work, he co-creates with like-minded companies, organizations & professionals, to extend the range of possibilities & impact of products, items & experiences that aim to positively inspire.

While currently gravitating towards what he calls “habitat-design”, his award-winning work features a broad spectrum of design: from high-end consumer or professional products, interiors, furniture design, maritime vessels, automotive design, to fast moving consumer goods, and brand design.

Graduated Cum Laude MSc in 2009, at the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, at the Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands.

Currently based in Utrecht, the Netherlands,


Sikko's design-mindedness in a nutshell:

Admiring simplicity
Intrigued by contrasts
Inspired by craftsmanship
Driven by making a difference
Striving for the never before seen
Creating meaningful experiences
Passionate about aesthetics
Focusing on character
Pursuing timelessness
Believing in quality
Building worlds







List of organizations & brands Sikko Valk collaborated with as independent designer or design consultant (2015-present):


While employed by (2010-2014) industrial design agency FLEX/design, formerly known as FLEX/theINNOVATIONLAB.

Sikko, together with fellow project members, designed and developed new products, design strategies, and intellectual property for brands, among others the ones listed below. A selection of marketed projects, is summarized in the porfolio section of this website.