Sikko Valk MSc,

Dutch Industrial Designer.
Graduated 'cum laude' MSc in 2009, at the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering of the Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands.

Currently based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Working as freelance industrial designer & consultant, as well as creating products for his design-label SIGU®.

In a nutshell:

Admiring simplicity
Intrigued by contrasts
Inspired by craftsmanship
Driven by making a difference
Striving for the never before seen
Creating meaningful experiences
Passionate about aesthetics
Focussing on character
Pursuing timelessness
Believing in quality
Building worlds

Decided to embark both as independent designer in 2014, and to collaborate with like-minded professionals, believing that shared, genuine intrinsic interest leads to the very best and impactful results.

Also believing that innovation and unique combinations are created at the intersection of different fields and disciplines, he works cross-disciplinary, gaining new insights while honing and extending his skill-set.

Focussing on creating designs that +communicate a sound and clear conceptual message, +facilitate intuitive interactions between people and object, +have a fitting perceived brand- or product-character, +recognisability, +timelessness in styling, and +high quality, durable materialization.

His portfolio features a broad spectrum of 'products': from high-end consumer products, maritime vessels, fast moving consumer goods, to interior design, furniture and professional products.


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While employed by industrial design agency


Sikko, together with fellow projectmembers, developed new products, design strategies, and intellectual property for brands, among others the ones listed below:

List of organizations & brands Sikko collaborated with as independent designer or design consultant (2015-present):