Armchair S085

Designed while employed by


Concept & Design: Sikko Valk
Project Manager: Sven van Westreenen
Brand: Exsta
Creation: 2014
Release/to market: 2015
Photography: Exsta & DesignIsWolf

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S085 ARmchair 

Aligned in the same vision, to create a home-atmosphere in health-,  care-, and social organisations & environments. This chair design commissioned by Exsta,  features optimal ergonomics, is extremely comfortable yet light in presence and is firmly grounded by it's feet. The soft shapes of the seat, backrest and armrests are opened invitingly. The tubing of the armrest and backrest accentuate the support this chair give you.

The armrests, main frame, seating and backrest can each be customised to create any atmosphere or adhere to any taste.

Check out their website for more examples.

The armchair is also available for consumers with a special selection of upholstery and frame finishes under the name 'Psycho-chair' at DesignIsWolf, a designlabel that offers pure, elegant Northern-European furniture, combined with Southern-European luxurious fabrics.