Good hotel amsterdam / LONDON interior design


Lead Designer: Sikko Valk
Art Director: Remko Verhaagen
Design Assistance: Jeroen Harthoorn, Geert Decock, Stijn Bakker
Food&Beverage Concept Design: ninetynine
Re-fit, Craftsmanship & Custom furniture build : Van Vliet Interieurmakers
Carpetry: Vossenhofliving
Technical Installations: KINJacobs Elektro
Photography: Chris Baker
Room capacity: 144 rooms
Current Location: Royal Victoria Docks in London

+ REBEL award 2016 by LE in Miami in 2015 for biggest innovation/disruption in the hotel industry.
+ Entree Magazine BEST HOTEL CONCEPT 2015 (nominee)
+ Good Hotel London won 'Hometown Hero' in National Geographic Traveler's Big Sleep Awards 2018.
+ Best on Archilovers #Bestarchilovers2017



Premium hospitality with a cause.

Good Hotel is a profit for non-profit hotel concept by the Good Hospitality Group (GHG). Good Hotel Amsterdam / Good Hotel London, is the first of a chain of hotels, including hotels in Brazil and Guatemala.



Good Hotel Amsterdam is an unusual 100m x 20m, 2 story high platform,  floating in the water! It contains 144 rooms, each about 12,5m², 700m² ground floor public space, over 900m² of corridors and stairs.



To us, pure is premium. We did not design golden taps or marble tabletops to create a premium look and feel. We found luxury in simplicity and originality. Much like you would see in a Dutch home, we mixed design classics by Lensvelt and Moooi with everyday design from for instance Hema or Ikea, and custom furniture & items we designed ourselves for Good Hotel, made by Van Vliet Interieurmakers.


Public Spaces

When you step info the hotel, you are welcomed by a comforting, inviting warmth.

We were looking for the right blend of the industrial and the natural. Showing the construction and sturdiness of the building and combining it with elements, materials and textures that make you feel right at home.


"It is in the balance of contrasts,
where different worlds meet and where you will find the most interesting stories and create lasting impressions.
That's what we want our guests to experience and enjoy"



Inspired by the geometrical architecture of the platfrom itself, we developed a form-and-material design-language' for the interior elements and furniture, that binds every separate area together.

We felt this was important to experience the hotel as a whole, without being the same anywhere.


Everything in the setup of the hotel, from lobby to rooms is designed to have the guest experience a discovery journey.

For example: the public area on the ground floor is divided into open interconnected spaces which gives lots of different and intriguing see-throughs, beckoning you to explore


above: a number of views of the ground level public area


+ the breakfast area where you can enjoy your breakfast, currently overlooking the water of 't IJ. After the big move, looking out on the Thames of London!

+ the quirky quick-read-seat


+ one of the reading/work areas, also overlooking  't IJ with a large Spider table.

+ one of the staff working behind the custom designd & built coffeecorner






We wanted to create an atmosphere where you will feel right at home after a long flight or hefty sightseeing in the city. 

The rooms are limited in size so we carefully selected natural looking materials, colors and textures that make them spacious and where you'll feel 'grounded' due to the tactile appeal of each object or surface.

The 144 rooms are divided into 3 roomtypes with different bed-setups and variations in color&trim.



Each room is indicated with a stainless steel, waterjet-cut numberplate. The numbers rest on the woodpaneling which contrasts with the dark-grey walls and ceiling. On each door, a individual colorfull artwork panel is placed, an easteregg hinting to the platform's big move and destination next year.


Custom cabinet

Each room features a custom designed and build cabinet that keeps the room spacious and tidy. This grid-cabinet has a desk extension ideal for sending that email to family and lovedones.


Custom Cabinet

Offering different compartments, the grid-cabinet is ideal for placing your personal belongings. The open-ness of the structure not only keeps the room spacious, it makes it easier nót to forget your belongings when it's time to head on to the next destination.



For your convenience we've created a windowboard alongside the bed that has a compartment where you can charge your laptop or phone directly via USB or with regular power sockets.




For the walls we selected 2 wallpapers with a subtle rough texture and natural colors. Having a big impact on the visual experience, these wallpapers give, combined with the other selected materials, a calm friendly atmosphere.



The bathroom is closed-off with a satin-finished glass door. For your convenience the door swings open both ways so you can use it to either separate the room from the entire bathroom, ór to separate the wet-shower-compartment keeping the rest of the bathroom dry.  



We use wood paneling as a consistent and recurring element throughout the hotel. In the bathroom we've applied it to create usefull shelves and a luxurious & warm feel.




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